Wednesday, January 1, 2020

How to Make Your Resume Visually Appetizing

How to Make Your Resume Visually AppetizingMake a Resume Easy to ReadHow to Make Your Resume Visually AppetizingI was invited to a dinner party with some old friends this weekend. After sweating through a meal outdoors in the East Coast heat and humidity, we decided it was time to head into the air-conditioned living room for coffee and dessert. That was when I noticed a phenomenon I had seen many times beforean entire cake left untouched. (Shocking, I know.)ur hosts had laid out two tempting dessert optionsa tray of individual pastries and a gorgeous, gooey, delicious-looking chocolate cake. Fifteen minutes later, the pastry tray was decimated, while the cake remained intact. It wasnt that the pastries looked tastier than the cake (that cake looked like heaven), but the pastries were bite-size and easy to just pick up and pop in your mouth. (You could even saythe pastries were a piece of cake to eat)Enjoying a (literal) piece of cake, on the other hand,would have required you to set down your drink, pick up the cake knife, cut yourself a slice, put it on a plate, grab a fork and a napkin, and focus for a minute or two on eating it. Even though it would almost certainly have been worth the effort, no one bothered.OK, heres the tie-in Your resume should also be served in bite-size pieces. No one wants to cut through a big slab of text that takes time and effort to consume. Not convinced? Consider these two (purposely blurry) resume examplesUgh, too much text.Mmm, bite-size piecesThe resume on the left looks like a lot of work. Any one of those solid paragraphs of text would be enough to discourage the reader.The one on the right is much easier to digest. Your eyes can scan around the page, taking a bite here and a bite there.Specifically, it hasWider marginsMore white spaceHorizontal lines to show the eye where to go nextBold type, centering, and capitalization to call attention to key informationLess detailBullet lists instead of full sentencesVarying line leng thsWant to check your own resumes visual appeal? Zoom out to view the page at about 30% of its actual size. Check that each section is clearly defined, the layout is evenly balanced, and you can pick out the key components. Members The zoom tool appears in the upper right menu bar when you click Print Preview.Dont let your resume be the cake that remains untouched. Make it visually appetizing and easy to read.

Friday, December 27, 2019

What You Can Learn from Satya Nadellas Rise to CEO

What You Can Learn from Satya Nadellas Rise to CEOWhat You Can Learn from Satya Nadellas Rise to CEOWhat You Can Learn from Satya Nadellas Rise to CEOSatya Nadella began his prolific career at Microsoft in 1992. At only 25 years of age, Nadella quickly demonstrated his commitment to learning when, despite already having a masters degree in computer science from the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, he chose to commute each weekend to Chicago to complete his MBA at the University of Chicagos Booth School of Business. He traveled between Washington and Chicago for many years, eventually earning his degree in 1997.Quickly rising through the ranks, Nadella became vice president of Microsoft bCentral in 1999, leading the web services for small businesses. Continuing his rise within the organization, Nadella became the corporate VP of Microsoft Business Solutions in 2001 where he was responsible for developing software to handle business-process management for small and midsize business es. Continuing his tenure at Microsoft, Nadella became the senior VP of Microsoft Online Services in 2007, where he oversaw the Bing search engine, Microsoft Office programs and Xbox Live.And he wasnt done yet. In 2011, Nadella was promoted to president of the Server and Tools Division at Microsoft. It was in this role that he was responsible for the strategy, engineering, marketing and product development for Microsofts server and cloud computing efforts for business customers.After 22 years working in different departments of Microsoft, through many iterations of technology, learning the company inside and out, Satya Nadella was named the CEO in February of 2014. Following, you can see his professional career highlights in a one-page resume and use it as an inspiration for updating yoursExcept for a brief stint at Sun Microsystems right after graduation, Nadella spent his entire career at Microsoft, and there are a few things everyone could learn from his rise to CEO.1) Continuous Process of LearningBy moving around within Microsoft, Nadella was always learning by working with different divisions of the organization. Theres a lot to learn from taking on different challenges and seizing opportunities within the same company. It allows you to understand the overall processes and culture at the company, so you can focus on learning a new job and new skills, making you a more dynamic and well-rounded leader. Nadella teaches this practice, encouraging Microsoft to be a learn-it-all company instead of a know-it-all company. The idea is that if the company, or its employees know everything, then they are not continuing to learn and grow, potentially becoming stagnant and falling behind. However, the company or people who are willing to become students and learn as much as possible will ultimately be better because they continue to change and grow as technologies and processes change. If you apply this mindset to your life and your career, you will always be growing and adapting professionally and personally. In turn, this will make you better at everything you do.2) Perpetually Reinventing YourselfTo lead different divisions, Nadella also had to evolve based on the teams he worked with and the divisions he was tasked to lead. The technology was changing rapidly at Microsoft during the 22 years he was with Microsoft before becoming CEO, and Nadella had to continue evolving to keep up with the new technologies. An important takeaway from Nadellas rise to the top is that you need to continue reinventing yourself to grow and evolve with a company. As you employ the continuous process of learning, you will also need to change your mindset, objectives and processes as they grow and evolve. If you demonstrate a willingness to reinvent yourself, you will be noticed and sought after for promotions, and your loyalty will not be overlooked. After all, if you dont continue to change and adapt, you could be left behind.3) Product and Consumer KnowledgeWit h Nadellas experience in the software technology space and his knowledge of the organization, he was an obvious choice to become Microsofts CEO in 2014. Nobody knew Microsoft consumers better than Nadella, who was with the company for 22 years.This showcases the benefits of immersing yourself into a single company or industry - to learn the ins and outs of the consumer journey, their needs and desires - to deliver the best possible solution. If youre looking to get that big promotion or simply land a job at your dream company, you need to learn as much as you can about the key consumers, so you can add the most value to the organization. Nadella speaks a lot about the importance of having empathy for the consumer, to be able to put yourselves in their shoes and understand what drives them, their goals and their needs. When you are able to demonstrate empathy, you can deliver to your consumers and become a great leader to your employees.Theres a lot to learn from Satya Nadellas pro lific career at Microsoft. If you follow these three core principles in your life and career, you will never stop learning and growing, which will become your critical differentiators on your path to success.

Sunday, December 22, 2019

How to Take Vacation When Youre a Freelancer

How to Take Vacation When Youre a FreelancerHow to Take Vacation When Youre a FreelancerEvery worker needs a vacation, a time to recharge your batteries, let your stress levels sink back to tolerable levels, and just plain give your brain and body a rest. When youre a freelancer, you might need a vacation more than most- the very nature of your job means that you can wind up working 24/7, when people who work for employers are enjoying those mysterious things known as weekends and holidays. The challenge, of course, is how to make it happen. When you work for yourself, there are no bosses to approve your time off, but also no co-workers to pick up the slack while youre gone ... and no payroll department to keep those checks coming while youre catching some rays. You might be forgiven for thinking that taking a vacation is impossible in your situation, but the good news is that its really notlage. To pull it off, though, youll need to do a little extra work to make things go smoothly. Heres how. Tips for Taking Vacation When Youre a Freelancer Plan Ahead as Much as PossibleThe farther ahead you can plan, the better. This doesnt mean that you cant ever spontaneously take a long weekend, but for those one- and two-week breaks- the kind that really give you the chance to unwind youll want to plan as far in advance as you can. Vacationing as a freelancer often means putting in more hours ahead of your vacation, and then burning the midnight oil for a bit when you return. Dont make it harder on yourself by trying to do it all on the spur of the moment. More importantly, your clients will appreciate the notice. Working as a contractor is all about maintaining relationships with the people who hire you, and that means being reliable and conscientious and considerate of their needs and goals. Give them a heads up as soon as you can. Theyll appreciate it. Make a Budget Possibly the biggest bummer in the freelance life is the lack of paid time off. Lessen the financi al hit by making a budget when you make your plans. That way, youll know exactly what youll need to pay for your vacation and absorb the loss of income that results from not working during your time away. If you crunch the numbers, and things come up short, dont give up on your vacation dreams. Sometimes a staycation can be just as relaxing- as long as you commit to not sneakily checking schmelzglas when youre supposed to be catching some rays on your patio. Ask for HelpDo you have freelancer pals in your field? Nows the time to use them. Over the years, Ive formed sort of informal coop arrangements with friends of mine in the writing and editing space I cover for them when they go on holiday, and they cover for me when I do the same. Of course, the most important considerations when making these types of deals with colleagues are reliability and skill. You need to make sure that their work will reflect well on you so that you dont have to spend your first days back unsnarling a mes s and mending the damage to your client-freelancer relationship. If you dont have day-to-day projects that need looking after, you might be fine without arranging formal coverage for your time off. Just make sure that you let your clients know what to expect, in terms of whether youll be answering email (my advice dont), taking phone calls (ditto), etc. Communicate With Your Clients and Then Communicate Some MoreThis is a situation in which more communication is better than less. Send your clients an email as soon as youre planning to take time off, even if you havent chosen the exact dates yet, and follow up when you know precisely when youll be away. Then send a reminder a week or so before your vacation, reminding them of your coverage plans and asking if there are any last-minute details theyd like you to attend to before you take off. Finally, put up an email away message while youre gone, so that anyone who wasnt on the initial email chain wont think youre ignoring them. Most Importantly Understand That You Need and Deserve a VacationIf youve read this far, you might be reconsidering whether or not its even worth it to take a vacation. It is. In addition to the myriad health and productivity benefits that time off provides, it also reminds you of why you became a freelancer in the first place to be free to enjoy your life, to the extent that most people just cant achieve. Bottom line you deserve a vacation. Plan ahead, communicate considerately and effectively with your clients and enjoy your time off. Youve earned it.

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

LinkedIn, Uber, Salesforce have happiest employees in tech

LinkedIn, Uber, Salesforce have happiest employees in techLinkedIn, Uber, Salesforce have happiest employees in techSome of the top tech companies offer lavish perks for their employees, like free gourmet lunches, unlimited PTO, free massages and gym memberships and even egg freezing. Studies have shown that happy employees are more productive employees, so it makes sense to why tech companies invest in creating a positive work environment that increases creativity, collaboration, and lead to greater levels of profits.We decided to survey our community of tech employees and see which company had the happiest employees. We asked users to answer Yes or No to this one simple question Are you happy at your current workplace? A total of 10,677 answered the survey question.Heres what we found66.20% answered with Yes.33.80% answered with No.We also took a look at the results broken down by companies with at least 100 employee responses. Heres what we foundLinkedIn led the way with 83.25% of the happiest employees answering with Yes.Rounding out the top three were Uber (with 77.78%), Salesforce (with 73.20%), Apple (with 71.43%) and Tesla Motors (with 68.89%).Snapchat had the lowest percentage of employees answering with 38.32%.The two other companies with the lowest percentage of employees answering with Yes are eBay (with 39.13%), Oracle (with 41.36%), Oath/ Verizon Media (with 42.42%) and (with 44.29%).More survey detailsThe survey ran from Jan 15 through Jan 25, 2019, and was answered by 10,677 users of the Blind app. Users could only answer once.This article was originally published on TeamBlind.

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Customize this Arborist Resume

Customize this Arborist ResumeCustomize this Arborist ResumeCreate this Resume Brendan Scoville2529 Valley View DriveCambridge, MA 2141(222)-760-5736b.scovilletmail.comObjectiveTo secure a position as Arborist in a fast growing landscape industry whereby skills and expertise in landscape and planning can be fully utilized. Summary of QualificationsIPM and climbing experienceCDL LicenseISA certificationExperience in general planningProficient in using MS Office SuitesProfessional ExperienceArborist, January 2007 PresentVilla Son Landscaping, Pompano Beach, FL ResponsibilitiesMonitored landscapes.Managed crews and monitored their work to ensure clients satisfaction.Devised marketing campaigns to attract sales.Facilitated industry networking by presentations at various events. Arborist- Associate, May 2004- December 2006Brickman, Bethlehem, PA ResponsibilitiesAssisted the Senior Arborist in facilitating industry networking.Generated sales by presentations, referrals and networking.En sured clients satisfaction by performing task completely and accurately.Checked landscapes.Made quotations and estimated job cost.EducationMasters Degree in Arboriculture, 2004Yale UniversityBachelors Degree in Arboriculture, 2002Yale UniversityCustomize ResumeMore Sample ResumesAnesthesiologist Resume Animal coach Resume Arabic Liguist ResumeArborist Resume

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The Undisputed Truth About Good Words to Use on Resume That the Experts Dont Want You to Hear

The Undisputed Truth About Good Words to Use on Resume That the Experts Dont Want You to Hear Order top-notch essay at this time and certified specialists will do their very best to supply you with higher quality at affordable price. As a conclusion, our group of skilled experts also provides a last verdict which will help you make a well-informed choice. For some of them you will require help, while others you may write by yourself. Additionally, you wish to stick out from the remaining portion of the candidates with the exact education and work experience. Because of this guarantee, the delivered order will incorporate all essential specifics. See what you could come across useful in showing you made a significant effort before sending your application in. Obviously, we cannot make you trust us, but we can guarantee that we wont disappoint you. Its extremely important to read carefully essay services reviews, because you wish to steer clear of low excellent services. How to compose a midterm paper. Customer satisfaction on-line shopping thesis. Added benefits of giving birth to a research paper. Writing an incredible college admission essay is simpler than you believe Colleges use essays to attempt to create a personal snapshot of you unobtainable from different components of. Youve got to compose several academic papers over the span of a year. Write an outstanding college admission essay. Superior writers use the identical tense. Essay is a fundamental kind of paperwork you always need to deal with while studying. The essay is easily the fruchtwein important portion of a university appllication, see sample essays perfect for. Superior essays will nonetheless should meet important criteria that youve probably. Learn what makes a fantastic scholarship essay. As a consequence, such students search for the best essay help to make certain that their project is going to be produced at the maximal level in agreement with all academic standards. Scholarship Essay Examples are supplied for insight on how best to compose a. Reading top college essay examples is a significant way for students to learn to write college application essays. You have to cut out wordiness and utilize precise language. Write the composition, utilizing the range of words youre told (about 225 words) and taking into consideration the three. Yes, as a way to paraphrase, youll need to modify words, but you just. To be able to ensure it is perfect, you must select the best words to use in it. You should familiarize yourself enough with a position so that it is possible to describe it in your words. When you must emphasize a word in writing, italics are the best method to do it. Thesis statement on nice and evil. So drop a couple of unterstellung words into. It is nothing but a specific approach which you should utilize to promote your qualities, wisdom and skill. In order to reveal your employer what youre made of, you have to make an attempt i n locating the appropriate words. You will have to be a little bit of a detective. In context, which means youre taking an excellent risk if you take advantage of a word you dont know well.

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What Happened to Your Employee Referral Program 4 Ways the Right Tech Can Spice It Up

What Happened to Your Employee Referral Program 4 Ways the Right Tech Can Spice It Up More companies are looking to hire more and more people, which is good news for job seekers. A 2015 iCIMS study found that 85 percent of the 107 HR professionals surveyed expected hiring to increase or stay the same at their companies in the coming years.But are employers using the best available methods tomeet their growing needs?Fortunately, many companies have gottensavvy and are improving their sourcing strategies by turning to employee referral programs. According to that sameICIMS study, 63 percent of organizations have a documented referral program, and more than half of the HR professionals surveyed agree that referred employees stay longer, feel more satisfaction, and are better cultural fits.What it takes to run asuccessful employee referral campaign will depend on each companys specific needs and capabilities, but no matter the size of anorganization, tech nology is always a criticaltool. Large and small companies alike canbenefit from using tech platforms to get all hands on deck when it comes to employee referral programs.Here are a few ways in which the right tech can contribute to a successful employee referral campaign1. Interactive DashboardsTake the hassle out of referral submissions, status tracking, and reward fulfillment. An interactive dashboard engages employees with exciting, easy-to-usetechnology.Your employee referral program should be focused on the employee. It should maketheir lifeeasier. A dashboard allows them to check the status of their referrals and track their progress in real time.The interface should include all the relevant information at a glance, conveniently organizing the entire experience. Customize it so employees can quickly digest the information they need like how many of their referrals are being screened in a convenient way.2. AutomationAutomation is everyones favorite word when they think about technology. A strong tech platform automates several processes to reduce the legwork and waste associated with paper-pushing. With the right tech, tracking and distributing referrals is automatic, freeing up time for HR to focus on expanding awareness ofthe employee referral campaign.Drumming up some friendly competitionis a crucial component of a successful campaign, so it may be a good idea to track metrics for the entire staff and use this data to keep the competition going. Participants can view the leaderboard to see how each person is performing in real time.Encourage employees to create profiles on the referral platform,if possible. That way, theycan sync their professional connections and the technology can pinpointwhich of their contacts is the best candidate to refer for a given role.3. Ambassador ToolkitsYou want your employees to become brand ambassadors, spreading the positivity associated with your company. Use technology to educate your staff and teach them the tacti cs they need to be the best possible ambassadors for your brand.Create toolkits that consist of training materials. Write workbooks with exercises that help employees develop deeper understandings of the employer brand, the message you want them to communicate, and the best ways to spread that message. Offer pamphlets that supplement employer brand workshops. Arrange for presentations that offer actionable advice. Each employee should have a clearunderstanding of the companys values, vision, and mission so they can connect with referrals in a meaningful way.A major component of being a brand ambassador involves reaching out to professional networks and followers on social media outlets. A survey from Weber Shandwickfound that only 33 percent of the 2,300 employees surveyed said that their employers encourage them to use social media to share news about the company or their work.Be proactive. Tell participants to make the most out of the social media boom by strategizing relevant pos ts and sharing important company details so their connectionswill feel excited to learn more about your organization and the opportunities it offers.4. Rewards and RecognitionTie rewards and recognition into your employee referral strategy. When employees feel valued and celebrated for their contributions, they are motivated to continue participating.Choose your reward systems wisely.A 2015 LinkedIn survey found that while only 40 percent of the 200 employees surveyed said they make referrals for rewards, 96 percent said acash bonus was the most appropriate type of reward.While cash is always effective, that doesnt mean you cant come up with other fun and creative reward ideas. There are three influential factors financial, social, and altruistic. Financial can include prizes like gift cards, music streaming subscriptions, or baseball ticketsSome people are more motivated by social recognition. Rewards can range from a simple thank-you email and a Top Referrer t-shirt to a celebrat ory outing to toast the winner or an additional paid day off.Altruism is also a strong motivational tool. Offer incentives to the winner by donating to their favorite charity, building a well for clean water initiatives, or buying them a U.S. national park reisepass for the year.When you integrate technology into your employee referral program, you design an engaging, fun game of sorts that provides instant gratification and ongoing feedback. Your employees become excited to participate and striveestablish themselves as the best brand ambassadors for your company.Kes Thygesen is cofounder and head of product at RolePoint.