Sunday, March 15, 2020

5 Myths Stopping You From Getting Promoted

5 Myths Stopping You From Getting PromotedYou know you deserved that versetzung, and probably the one before that. People who are newer to the company and not getting the same results you are seem to be getting all of the recognition while you feel left behind. How can you get noticed by the higher-ups doing the noticing? Here are 5 myths you need to debunk right away if getting a promotion is your end goal. googletag.cmd.push(function() googletag.display(div-gpt-ad-1467144145037-0) ) 1. Everybody knows yourea hard worker.Just because you work hard, doesnt mean people notice. And certainly not higher-ups who may not interact with you on a daily basis. For all you know, a middle manager could be taking all the credit that should be yours. Find a way to let your boss know when you score big or do especially well. Toot your own horn. Dont be a braggart, but play it smart. Theyll never reward your hard work if they dont know about it.2. Your boss knows youwant to be promoted.If you have nt told your boss explicitly what your ambitions are, and how youd like to move up in your field, then chances are good she doesnt know. elend everybody wants to use every job as a springboard higher up the ladder. Some people are quite content to stay in one position for a decade or two. Make your wishes known and ask your boss for her help in your career development. Shell be flattered and shell know exactly what you want when new opportunities open up.3. Your friend would never go after somethingyou want so much.Its lovely to have close friends among our colleagues. But keep in mind, this is their livelihood too. Just because youre pals doesnt mean your pal wont throw their hat in the same ring after your coveted promotion. Its business, after all. Keep your eyes open and dont miss any chances.4. HR posts all the openings.Sometimes, positions open up and are filled before HR has the chance to make it public. Keep your ear to the ground and pay attention when people in other depar tments are chatting about their teams. If you hear of someone about to leave, or applying out or up, get on putting yourself out there to replace them before someone else does.5. Youre not supposed be involvedwith other departments.If youve struck up an interest or affinity with another department or another manager, thats fine. As long as your work is getting doneand welltheres no problem pitching in and helping out. Thats a great way to position yourself should any openings come up in that department. Your boss will be fine with it, provided you dont let it interfere with your work for her and in your current department.Make sure youre in the game before you complain about being left out of it.

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

1099 v W2 Everything You Need to Know

1099 v W2 Everything You Need to Know Are you a freelancer whos just starting out or a company thats just finding its footing? There are probably a plethora of questions you have. And one of the biggest isprobably about money. For a freelancer or contractor, one of the big questions is how you are going to get paid (and how are you going to file taxes for what you get paid.) For a company or geschftliches miteinander big or small the questions center around how exactly to pay employees especially when unterstellung workers arent full-time employees with salaries and benefits. Because when it comes to work-from-home freelancers and independent contractors, the forms that need to be filled out vary. And differentiating between the two can sometimes be hard work.When it comes to paying your employees and contractors, there are a few different forms to use. Here, well discuss two major forms the W2 and the 1099 form. Both are wage statements that need to be sent to the Internal Revenu e tafelgeschirr (IRS), but their purposes and the types of workers for which they are used differ.In short, one is for employees whoare under direct supervision of the company, and one is for non-employees or independent contractors who essentially control all aspects of how and when they complete a project.As you can see, the language can be a bit tricky when it comes to 1099 v W2s.So heres the big question. 1099 v W2 if youre a business, what form do you use and if youre an independent, self-employed individual selling their services, which form makes the most sense? Its important to get this sorted out because otherwise, youll have a lot of explaining to do to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) when it comes time to file tax returns. And even if it was just an accident, it can really cost you. To get a better understanding of the two forms, heres a quick and simple breakdown.What is a W2?A W2 is a financial form that an employer has to fill out. The employer then sends this form to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the employee at the years end. In this document, an employees annual wages and a breakdown of the taxes that were taken out are documented. A big difference between the W2 and the 1099 is that when an individual fills out a 1099, they are required to figure out their taxed income at the end of the year. If youre a freelancer, your take-home pay doesnt have your income tax, social security and medicare tax, payroll tax, or any other taxes taken out so you have to figure that out for yourself. If you have a W2 then your taxes are already being removed. A W2 must also be sent to an individual before January 31 to ensure they can properly fill out their tax returns.In order for the employer to complete the W2, the company will have the employee complete a W4 when she begins a new job or experiences changes (known as life-changing events) to her financial situation. This form allows the employee to designate federal income tax witholdings based on personal situations, such as marital status and number of children.Based on the information from W4s, a W2 must be distributed to all employees that make a salary, wage, or any other type of compensation. But this is where it gets tricky a W2 form isnt required for non-employees or workers that are self-employed. This includes freelancers and independent contractors. This is because a W2 employee is under direct supervision by the company itself. They work much like a regular salaried employee. They usually work at least 20 hours a week, and tend to work in-house. They are part of the everyday workings of the company itself and often work across departments and up the chain of command. They are mora a part of the everyday culture and business. An independent contractor or freelancer can work whenever, wherever, and has full control over the project they are completing.What is a 1099?A 1099 form is a series of documents that have all your wage information filled out in them. They are sent to you and the IRS at the end of the year documenting how much money youve earned. These are for independent contractors, and you will only receive a 1099 come January if you made more than $600 for any company or organization. Like the W2 form, the 1099 is vital when it comes to filling out taxes. Once you file, you will then have to pay an income tax on it which wasnt taken out of your original take-home pay. You will also likely have to pay a self-employment tax. Even if the self-employment income you make makes you a full-time equivalent employee, you will still not get taxed for it until the end of the year.Some examples of independent contractors include freelance writers or editors, ride-sharing drivers, consultants, freelance designers, artists, and any other individual that is a outsourced by a company to complete a task or service that is entirely up to them to finish as they will.The differences between these two forms is both obvious and vague at the same time. Both forms are filled out by an employee for tax purposes, but its the employer-employee relationship that separates the two. If youre a full-time employee, or an employee that is controlled by the company they tell you how to perform a task or project and supervise over its completion, then you will likely receive a W2 at the end of the year. This means that your company is taxing your income directly. If you are self-employed and are hired as an outside contractor, you will receive a 1099 at the end of the year which you will then need to pay taxes on. And you will likely have to pay an added self-employment tax on top of the income tax and other taxes that are required. But the 1099 gives you more freedom to do your job in the meantime.Many people will receive both forms if, for instance, they are salaried employees at one business and also have side hustles. Under some very unusual circumstances, an employee may receive both a W2 and a 1099. For this to be legal, the employee must meet the following circumstances, according to CollabrusThe employee has a legitimate independent businessShehas other clients not connected to the employerThe work as anindependent contractor is not the same or similar to the work she does as an employeeWhen doing the 1099 work she must meet the common law test as an ICFor example, if you work in sales full-time in one department and do freelance writing for another department in a large company, you may receive both forms.Whileit all does come down to employer-employee relationships, a company cant get these forms wrong. If an employer fills out a 1099 when they should have filled out a W2, the IRS can start an investigation. It is definitely a case-by-case basis. You might need a freelance consultant to work on a project themselves, while also needing to hire someone to help the team with the actual physical execution in-house. In these instance, you have one independent contractor, and one hourly employee. But if you can di fferentiate between the type of employee youre adding to the payroll, youre in the clear

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The Do This, Get That Guide On Esl Resume Writing Worksheets

The Do This, Get That Guide On Esl Resume Writing Worksheets Choosing Good Esl Resume Writing Worksheets You can also see Grammar Worksheets The obvious objective of a resume is to help you to get the job that you are applying for. Writing a successful resume is dependent upon several factors. Totally free ESL writing worksheets are easily available online. Its simple to discover it in Business English students. Esl Resume Writing Worksheets Can Be Fun for Everyone Its possible to browse all our 730 writing worksheets in thumbnail view, and that means you dont have to wait around for any of them to load to acquire an idea about what theyre like. To conserve an entire bunch of heartache in the future, make sure you use our studienplan vitae designer to generate a document which might be without difficulty transferred to different job applications. All post high school education needs to be listed with the writing format very similar to the preceding section. Remember that lots of native speakers cant write creatively in their very own language, or so the sort of thinking required might be wholly foreign to your students. The best thing which you should do is to already catch the eye of your possible employer in the initial five seconds so he or shes going to carry on reading the remainder of your resume. For beginners, it is a good concept to get started with short writing prompts or sentences they must finish. In case you obtain a great resume, after that hopefully you ought to be in a position to possess a perspektive to locate a promising contractor employment position. Studying resumes of individuals who keep, or have kept the kind of job youre going after, is also beneficial. The Battle Over Esl Resume Writing Worksheets and How to Win It Whats more, you will also receive a skillfully drafted cover letter in the same theme. It ought to be simple to read, and capture the interest of the reader. Writing your resume shouldnt be an arduous t ask. If youre most likely to choose a theme for inspiration, elect to find a straightforward, uncluttered format.

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How to Make Your Resume Visually Appetizing

How to Make Your Resume Visually AppetizingMake a Resume Easy to ReadHow to Make Your Resume Visually AppetizingI was invited to a dinner party with some old friends this weekend. After sweating through a meal outdoors in the East Coast heat and humidity, we decided it was time to head into the air-conditioned living room for coffee and dessert. That was when I noticed a phenomenon I had seen many times beforean entire cake left untouched. (Shocking, I know.)ur hosts had laid out two tempting dessert optionsa tray of individual pastries and a gorgeous, gooey, delicious-looking chocolate cake. Fifteen minutes later, the pastry tray was decimated, while the cake remained intact. It wasnt that the pastries looked tastier than the cake (that cake looked like heaven), but the pastries were bite-size and easy to just pick up and pop in your mouth. (You could even saythe pastries were a piece of cake to eat)Enjoying a (literal) piece of cake, on the other hand,would have required you to set down your drink, pick up the cake knife, cut yourself a slice, put it on a plate, grab a fork and a napkin, and focus for a minute or two on eating it. Even though it would almost certainly have been worth the effort, no one bothered.OK, heres the tie-in Your resume should also be served in bite-size pieces. No one wants to cut through a big slab of text that takes time and effort to consume. Not convinced? Consider these two (purposely blurry) resume examplesUgh, too much text.Mmm, bite-size piecesThe resume on the left looks like a lot of work. Any one of those solid paragraphs of text would be enough to discourage the reader.The one on the right is much easier to digest. Your eyes can scan around the page, taking a bite here and a bite there.Specifically, it hasWider marginsMore white spaceHorizontal lines to show the eye where to go nextBold type, centering, and capitalization to call attention to key informationLess detailBullet lists instead of full sentencesVarying line leng thsWant to check your own resumes visual appeal? Zoom out to view the page at about 30% of its actual size. Check that each section is clearly defined, the layout is evenly balanced, and you can pick out the key components. Members The zoom tool appears in the upper right menu bar when you click Print Preview.Dont let your resume be the cake that remains untouched. Make it visually appetizing and easy to read.